February 19, 2023

Various Artists - Bully - Music From The Larry Clark Film (2001)

Country: U.S.A. 
Genre: Film Score, Hip-Hop, Electronic
Label Number: OCF-0001

© 2001 OCF Entertainment
Bully, Larry Clark's grimly compelling film about a group of amoral teens who finally -- and violently -- confront a friend who torments them, features an equally dark and riveting soundtrack made up of hardcore rap and Thurston Moore's brooding score. Ghetto Inmates' "Thug Ass B*tch," Cage's "Suicidal Failure," and J.T. Money's and Sole's "Who Dat" capture the claustrophobic, hedonistic world in which the film takes place, while Moore's churning guitar pieces -- made all the creepier by pertinent snippets of dialogue -- complete the soundtrack's dread-filled, nihilistic vibe. Zoë Poledouris' "Unloved" and Fatboy Slim's "Song for Shelter" offer a slight respite from the rest of the album's bleak outlook, but ultimately, Bully is just as uncompromisingly harsh as the movie that inspired it.

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