February 27, 2023

Cherry Ghost - Thirst For Romance (2007)

Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Alternative Rock
Style: Post Britpop
Label Number: HVNLP 59CD

© 2007 Heavenly/EMI Records
Yet another one of those indie rock bands arrived in the summer of 2007 named Cherry Ghost and fronted by Bolton resident Simon Aldred, who could have attempted a career as a singer/songwriter but preferred to immerse himself in a band format. Thirst for Romance could have been an album by Richard Ashcroft, except Aldred didn't quite possess that nasal vocal quality, or an album by Coldplay, but he also lacked the range, or by Badly Drawn Boy or Embrace, and the track "Roses" even had a sort of Neil Young feel to it. That was not to say that it was a bad album, but it wasn't sure whether it wanted to be an uplifting album as per the first two tracks, the title track, and "4AM," or depressing like most of the rest of the songs with observations on gritty life in the north typified by the song "False Alarm" and its often repeated line "I'm gonna drag you down with me." There are exceptions to the depression, as "Alfred the Great" sounded like a '70s rock track, and rather out of context with the rest of the material was "Mary on the Mend," a slow chugger that took nearly eight minutes to play out. Aldred co-produced the album with Dan Austin who had also worked with Massive Attack. Thirst for Romance hit number seven in its first week, showing that there was a reasonable market for this type of angst, but within six weeks it had vanished from the chart entirely.

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