February 27, 2023

Blackfield - Welcome To My DNA (2011)

Country: United Kingdom/Israel
Genre: Pop Rock
Label Number: kscope168

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On Welcome to My DNA, their third studio album, Aviv Geffen and Steven Wilson of Blackfield continue to pursue their neo-progressive Pink Floyd-meets-Tears for Fears sound, overlaying it with doom-ridden imagery. The Pink Floyd influence is overt in the slow-paced soundscapes and echoey vocals, though at times Blackfield pick up the pace and even rock a bit, notably on "Blood," which has a Middle Eastern rhythm at times. The lyrics can be philosophical, as the singer ponders existence, but they also can be simple and repetitive, if still negative. "Go to Hell" has only two repeated lines, one of which is the title and the other another familiar putdown that puts the album in the explicit language category. The only lyric to "Blood," when the vocal appears nearly two minutes into the three-plus-minute track, is "Here comes the blood." The album is, thus, something of a downer, but the music aims toward a majestic simplicity that it sometimes achieves.

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