April 23, 2023

Krash Man - Black Circle (1993)

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Contains 13 tracks total.
Country: U.S.A. 
Genre: Hip-Hop 
Label Number: None

© 1993 Krash Man
Jason "Krash Man" Burton's hip-hop visions aren't very different from many others expressed over the last few years. They're mostly pessimistic, angry, vivid denunciations of hypocrisy, detailed examinations of injustice, or pointed descriptions of abuses and senseless violence. Burton's raps are pointed, occasionally poignant, and expressed with equal mixes of insight, venom, and resignation, with occasional humorous injections. The musical backdrops, samples, and productions are less creative and interesting, but Burton's commentary keeps things from sagging over the 12 1/2 selections (by his count).

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