April 26, 2023

One Minute Silence - Available In All Colours (1997)

Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Nü-Metal
Label Number: ABB 147 CD

© 1997 Big Cat
Available in All Colors, the debut album by One Minute Silence, takes its cue from the blistering, macho rap-metal sound of groups like Limp BizkitRage Against the Machine, and to a certain extent, Korn. Their hard-nosed social commentary is also reminiscent of Biohazard, an important formative influence on the genre, but One Minute Silence is not without a sense of humor either, albeit one that's often fairly dark. Although there are a few slow moments, overall the album serves as proof that it is possible for a British alt-metal band to grasp the essence of the sound and pull it off well.

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