May 05, 2023

Mr. Lif - I Heard It Today (2009)

Country: U.S.A. 
Genre: Hip-Hop 
Label Number: BTE01

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Far from complacent in the post-Bush era, Mr. Lif asks, “So we all supposed to just start trustin’ the government again ‘cause we got a friendlier face to it now?” in the opening seconds of his third LP. The Boston lyricist is still in attack-mode, taking on a range of topical issues including the housing crisis (“Welcome to the World,” the title track, and elsewhere) and corporate bailouts (“What About Us?”). It’s all pretty heavy for conventional hip-hop but then again Mr. Lif has never been known to make party music. Lif takes a break from his agitprop onslaught for the reflective “Head High,” a stumbling, piano-driven smoke session with a friend who just came home. I HEARD IT TODAY features guest-spots from Bahamadia and Vinnie Paz, and production by Batsauce, J-Zone, Headnodic, Cut Chemist, and Lif himself.

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