February 01, 2022

Lowgold - Just Backward of Square (2000)

Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Indie Rock
Label Number: NUDE17CD

© 2000 Nude Records
Lowgold isn't big on intrigue. An average, English quartet bubbling over with ever so likable tunes, unburdened by personality, demonstrating an unfaltering desire to have been born in Modesto, CA. The results are pretty much par for the course. In a bold move, there are songs that feature singing, others with strummed guitars, and some with both. It's the sound of what happens when music gets scared to leave home. Inside their wry, statesmen-like banter about souls and the eventualities of locomotive transport, as in the slight poke of the coals, "Back Here Again," lies the heart of men three times their age -- with all of the embittered obsolescence and none of the wisdom.

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