February 28, 2022

JT Money - Pimpin' On Wax (1999)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Hip-Hop
Style: Pop Rap
Label Number: P2 50060

© 1999 Priority Records
JT Money's debut album, Pimpin' on Wax, sounds a little out of place in 1999. True, hardcore rap still ruled the hip-hop marketplace, but most hardcore rappers broadened their sound with late '70s/early '80s funk and smooth grooves. While he occasionally dips into that territory, JT Money pretty much keeps to hardcore California rap, with no apologies. He does this stuff pretty well, but his pimp style (heavily influenced by Too $hort, a featured guest on the album) -- as epitomized by "Playa Ass Shit," "Rap Ass Nigga," "On Da Grind," "Somethin' About Pimpin'" and "Ho Problems" -- sounds tired, especially since the 14 cuts run a very long time. Ultimately, the success of Pimpin' on Wax depends on your tastes -- if you can't get enough of the playas-pimps-n-hustlas scene, this will be a welcome debut, but to more discriminating tastes, this will sound a little rote.

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