December 29, 2022

Skadanks - Give Thanks (1994)

Country: U.S.A. 
Genre: Reggae, Ragga
Label Number: 61586-2

© 1994 Elektra Records
In the late '80s and early '90s, it seemed like the time was ripe for some kind of rock-funk-reggae fusion that would combine the best of all three styles and usher in a new era of exciting dance music that would sweep away the embarrassment of '80s rock forever. It did happen, but it happened in the U.K., and the result was called jungle. In the U.S., there were bands like the cringe-inducing Unity 2 and the much more enjoyable Shinehead. There was also Skadanks, a band that got snatched up by the Elektra label and managed to make one exquisite (but commercially unsuccessful) album before being dropped just as quickly. Give Thanks is a triumph of a debut album thanks to the muscular funk-and-dancehall grooves generated by drummer Q-Liff and bassist Alex V. and to the amazing verbal inventiveness and melodic gifts of vocalist Rocker-T, a white Rastafarian whose mastery of Jamaican patois is so complete that it's virtually impossible to guess his racial heritage on the evidence of his singing and toasting. Of the 12 tracks on this album, only two (the lackadaisical "2 Luv" and the similar underwhelming "Stopper") are less than excellent. Almost every other track counts as a highlight, though the horticultural admonition "Sweatty" (built on a classic Upsetters rhythm) is especially impressive, as are the angry "911" and a brilliant Rocker-T showcase titled "Ism-Skism." This comes very highly recommended. 

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