July 11, 2022

T.H.U.G Angelz - Welcome To Red Hook Houses (2008)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Hip-Hop
Label Number: BYG-CD-0355

© 2008 Babygrande
Hell Razah and Shabazz the Disciple have been mainstays in the New York underground since their Wu-affiliated crew, Sunz of Man, debuted in the mid-1990s. WELCOME TO RED HOOK HOUSES represents a significant departure as the two MCs branch outside of the Wu legacy, composing a profound autobiographical album that pays tribute to their 'hood. Throughout the 13-deep tracklist are heartfelt eulogies for fallen friends, tough coming-of-age ballads, and bittersweet chronicles of Brooklyn’s changing landscape. Razah and Shabazz play ghetto reporters, taking listeners on an audio tour of the place where they grew up (beginning with an introductory “Cab Ride” from JFK), through unflinching accounts of how it is and how it was. Beats courtesy of Bronze Nazareth, Jordan River Banks, Bond, Shawneci, Smoke Shop Productionz, and Blue Sky Black Death play cinematic backdrop to the gripping story-telling.

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