July 30, 2022

Various Artists - The Waaaaah! CD (1991)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Indie Pop, Pop Rock
Label Number: BULL 3-0

© 1991 Bring On Bull Records
The Waaaaah! CD is a one-stop guide to the twee pop sound of the early '90s. Many of the biggest names in twee are present here like the Field Mice, who donate an exclusive track, the long and fuzzy "Other Galaxies," pre-"Your Woman" White TownFat TulipsConfetti, and Strawberry Story. Some people think twee is just silly music made by snuffling losers who think only about kittens, fanzines, and flexis, but they are wrong. Okay sure, it is that, but it isn't just that. Some of the bands here are just pop bands with good songs, labels be damned. The Dufflecoats' "Sunny Tuesday Afternoon," the Bedflowers' "My Ex-Lover's Address," the Cudgels' "Summer Colours," Home and Abroad's "Wipe Those Tears Away," and Strawberry Story's heartbreakingly sweet "Ashlands Road" are flat-out great guitar pop songs. At least half of the songs on this collection fall into that category. Some of the rest are kind of tuneless (the Music Seen's "Friend of a Friend," Red Alarm Clocks' "Cobwebs") or utterly silly (Cesspit Rebel's "Cabbage," Music Seen's "Hairdresser in the Sky"), but that is the curse of the compilation. If you want a glimpse of some really twee, really good indie pop, The Waaaaah! CD is a good place to look. Good luck finding it.

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