July 18, 2022

Falconer - From a Dying Ember (Limited Edition) (2020)

*Contains 3 bonus tracks. 
14 tracks total.
Country: Sweden
Language: English, Swedish (Svenska)
Genre: Power Metal
Label Number: 3984-15714-0

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For two decades, FALCONER have flourished the stage and studio – brandishing proudly their own hard-hitting style of power metal that defies prejudice and oozes a sweet eloquence that maintains a relentless barrage of gritty heaviness. Yet for the Swedish quintet, their latest album From A Dying Ember closes the curtain on what will be their tenth but final creation. That’s right, with this final offering the band pay a fond farewell to their unfailing fans – hoping to leave in a flurry of fantasy, force and formidable fervor.
Like a prime cut of meat blackened to a crisp, Kings and Queens has two sides, one that is relentlessly intense with pounding rhythm and the other which is succulent and exquisite. Always bolstering their style with a heavy, no holds barred rhythm its a tasty reminder of what FALCONER are capable of. No matter how hard they punch you, they still have the gallantry of power metal pulsing at their core as Desert Dreams knocks you to the floor but in the most gentlemanly way possible.
Classic, polished and elaborate Redeem and Repent see’s lute laced melody clash with furious screaming guitars while Bland Sump och Dy welcomes a rustic folksy side which warms the heart. Not straying too far from the drama, Fool’s Crusade returns a fantasy fuelled onslaught that skips merrily between jolly moments and emotion stricken ferocity. Conjuring images of a medieval banquet in the King’s court, the entertaining and inventive Garnets and a Gilded Rose paints a pretty picture while still hitting hard like the rest. It’s certain that FALCONER have put everything into this final masterpiece, its energetic, exciting and more grandiose than ever.
It comes with the territory that you expect a bit of frolicking that is drenched with cheese but FALCONER maintain both dignity and awe as In Regal Attire sticks in your head regardless of whether you like it or not. Perhaps the most outrageously theatrical ballad on a metal album, Rejoice the Adorned is simply something else. Testify truly has more character, force and drama than a LARP tavern while Thrust the Dagger Deep maintains otherworldly fantasy while exhibiting their unquestionable musical expertise. Finally, it falls to Rapture to deal the killing blow and it does as expected – reminds you that FALCONER are without a doubt exceptional musicians and it is with highest hopes that this is not their final work as they don’t seem the type to back down without an epic battle until the end.
In creating such a fine album FALCONER have indeed hammered the final nail into what is actually a legacy. Standing firm and proud amongst all predecessors, From A Dying Ember pays homage to the most noble and gallant band out there that can still smack you to the ground with a ferocious charge. A display of musical prowess from start to finish it is not only an exhibition of skill and labour but a journey through fantasy lands of romanticised knights and towering castles. While we wave goodbye to the FALCONER we know and love its really difficult not to hope that the musicians find new pastures to continue their already commendable work.

Rating: 8/10

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