July 27, 2022

Five Deez - Koolmotor (2001)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Hip-Hop
Label Number: CF014-2

© 2001 Counterflow Recordings
The highly anticipated full-length debut from Cincinnati-based Five Deez brings an expected display of kingly beats from Fat Jon "the Ample Soul Physician" and fledgling vocal chops from Kyle David, Pase, and Fat Jon himself. With 14 tracks as musically challenging as these, it is no wonder why the vocal/lyrical output comes up short of that level, however still quite outstanding for their first official full-length. Using live bass, guitar, and saxophones to complement turntables and the plethora of rhythmic roles held down by Fat Jon, this Midwestern crew has a tangible energy and enthusiasm that comes off as sincere and well-nurtured. With an instrumentals album and various side-project records forthcoming on the young, prolific Counterflow label, this is a crew to watch very closely.

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