July 22, 2022

Highland Place Mobsters - 1746DCGA30035 (1992)

*Contains 15 tracks total. 
A photo of the cassette is included in the RAR file.

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: R&B
Label Number: 73008-26004-4

© 1992 LaFace Records
This Atlanta-based foursome is fronted by acclaimed producer Dallas Austin. The members were roommates in a domicile located on Highland Place and they assumed the name. This is a threefold concept album: Revolutionary, Street, and Music. The Revolutionary aspect consists of songs expressing racial issues and sex. The Street aspect comes hard with the hip-hop edge, and the Music fold settles into attractive R&B grooves, which feature some melodious numbers. Two singles hit the Billboard R&B charts. "Let's Get Naked," whose title is self-explanatory, has a jittery, percussive beat. It peaked at 55 after only eight weeks. "Take a Dip" has a catchy chorus with a persuasive rhythm that seduces the listener. Although it was worthy of a better ranking, it fizzled at 77 after only six weeks on the charts. It is apparent that this outfit was not assembled for longevity, but more so for temporary artistic release. Some of the music is extreme while some of it is solid. The most notable tracks are "Try My Love," "If U Stay," and "Catalogs of Lost Love (Volume I)" are hidden gems in this eclectic collection of songs. Note: Austin's close friend and collaborator Randy Ran, who worked on this album, was killed while riding his motorcycle shortly after the release of this album.

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