July 10, 2022

Just Ice - Masterpiece (1990)

*Released on CD for the first time in 2011 
by Fresh/Warlock/Traffic Entertainment
Contains 10 tracks total. 
Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Hip-Hop
Label Number: TEG-76539

© 1990-2011 Fresh/Warlock/Traffic Entertainment
Sorry, Ice, but this ain't no masterpiece. It's not even a minor piece -- on his last Sleeping Bag album, Just-Ice summons up as much bravado and boasts as is possible but he's obviously aware that he's been relegated to the hip-hop retirement home. Without even KRS-One in his corner any longer, the muscle man of hip-hop sounds weak and alone and Masterpiece rarely finds him putting his mouth to the right beat or smart rhyme. Around the time of this album, Just-Ice received his highest media profile since his 1987 tabloid exposure (on a trumped-up murder charge) due to his involvement with hip-hop super session (Eazy-E, Chuck D, and Tone-Loc were among the heavyweights involved), the Stop the Violence All Stars, who released one single, "Self Destruction," in 1990. Perhaps this accounts for this album's rushed feel -- Sleeping Bag was hoping that a public reacquainted with Just-Ice's name might buy the album. It didn't happen and rapper and label parted company, both having their best days behind them.

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