August 24, 2023

Treble Charger - NC17 (1994)

Country: Canada
Language: English
Genre: Indie Rock
Label Number: SUNCD013

© 1994 Sonic Unyon
Originally called nc-17, Treble Charger was forced to change its name after legal hassles with a US-based band of the same name. They eventually adopted nc-17 as the title of their first release. As is the case with most young indie artists, Treble Charger pays overt tribute to their influences on this disc. The opening track, "10th Grade Love," with its discordant guitars and Greig Nori's nasal vocal delivery, borrows heavily from the Dinosaur Jr. songbook, while the ballad-y "Red" may just be the finest song Neil Young never wrote. Other tracks such as "Popcorn Chicken" and "Cubicle" recall the feedback-drenched, drone-rock innovations of Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine. Though Treble Charger never quite rises above the level of imitation on nc-17, the band does manage to produce a few of its own minor gems in the process.

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