August 03, 2023

Silverbullit - Citizen Bird (2001)

Country: Sweden
Language: English
Genre: Indie Rock
Label Number: NONSCD 79

© 2001 North of No South Records
Released under the moniker Citizen Bird by Stinky Records in the United States, where the band is under threat of lawsuit by the rap artist Silverbullit, this second album from the Swedish band (known as Silverbullit everywhere else in the world) is a stunning mix of the Stooges' aggression and the epic bombast of Spiritualized. Guitarist Simon Ohlsson sings in English because, as he puts it, it is the "language of rock & roll." With influences as diverse as Joy DivisionRide, and Commodore 64; four-track; and SID game music, Silverbullit creates a noisy, engaging sound similar to countymates Union Carbide Productions and Soundtrack of Our Lives. The uplifting track "Joy" sounds like a lost Jason Pierce composition. "Money" plays with Sigur Rós-style atmospherics that tip a hat to the psychedelia of Pink Floyd. "This Is the Place" likewise employs an electronica-derived keyboard drone that spirals the song into another dimension. In the end, Citizen Bird blurs various genres into a work with both the raw power of rock and the floating-in-space head trip of shoegazer music and post-rock.

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