November 17, 2022

Sixtoo - The Psyche-Intangible (2001)

*Originally released in 1998 on CD-R and cassette tape
This pressing contains 18 tracks total. 

Country: Canada
Language: English
Genre: Hip-Hop
Label Number: MPH-03

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Sixtoo's The Psyche Intangible begins with a rather eerie foreshadowing of a paranoid conversation between people in a blood lab. It's quickly determined that everyone's infected, and, around that theme, Sixtoo builds his brilliant debut album. "I just shot an angel/It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen," he exclaims on "Shooting Angels," an ode to innocence lost. With the Sixtoo persona (that's his height in feet and inches), he may have a rough exterior, but he considers his own mortality and repeatedly questions his own morality. These themes also flood the record to an obvious point. Nonetheless, he imparts a positive message that aims to raise consciousness among young city dwellers and hiphoppers. Even though he hails from the plain Canadian coastal city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Sixtoo pulls off big city cred with the best of 'em. Fortunately, there's no faux racial crossover accent foisted upon his audience. The Psyche Intangible's lo-fi production works incredibly well for these tales of urban decay. The beats are sparse, slow, and spread out, echoing the emptiness that Sixtoo's monotone vocals bring to the table. He's smart enough to realize that hip-hop doesn't sound too real when its production carries a lot of gloss. Instead, this album uses the simplest recording technique for the most effect. Sixtoo's diction isn't quite Eminem sharp, but he manages to fit everything into each breath. And there are a number of tongue twisters being told. Sixtoo is gifted lyricist and rapper, making this debut record a tour de force of hip-hop consciousness.

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