November 21, 2022

Chris De Burgh - The Getaway (1982)

Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Pop, Pop Rock
Label Number: CD-4929

© 1982-1983 A&M Records
The Getaway gave Chris de Burgh his first charted single with "Don't Pay the Ferryman," which peaked at number 34 in 1983. A feverishly fast-paced tune, it contained vibrant keyboards and had de Burgh powerfully barking out the chorus in one of his most intense offerings. As his most spirited single up to that point, it proved that he could easily dish out a charging rock song that still harbored his enchanting brand of lyrics and mystery. Other songs carry this surging flow as well, like the flighty tempo of "The Getaway," kept together by its pop/rock stride, or the determination aching from de Burgh's voice throughout "Ship to Shore," which proves he can muster up some energy with barely any effort. de Burgh creates a tropical ambience with the calming flow of "Living in the Island" and returns to his charming form with "Crying and Laughing." The Getaway is made up of mostly edgier tunes from de Burgh this time around, which is a delightful transition from his usually mellow offerings. Although the odd love song creeps up here and there, they don't seem to tarnish the admirable course of the album.

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