November 26, 2022

Big Tymers - I Got That Work (2000)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Hip-Hop
Style: Pop Rap, Gangsta Rap
Label Number: 012 157 673-2

© 2000 Cash Money/Universal Records
Big Tymers Brian "Baby" Williams and Mannie Fresh step up their game a bit for I Got That Work, improving both as rappers and songwriters and delivering two big hits in the process, "Get Your Roll On" and "#1 Stunna." How You Luv That?, the duo's debut release two years earlier, had set the Big Tymers apart from the other, and considerably younger, Cash Money Records group, the Hot Boys. Unlike like them, the Big Tymers are full-fledged adults; in fact, Williams and Fresh produce the Hot Boys and thus play father-figure roles within the Cash Money family to a certain extent. Yet, for as much game as they can spit, the Big Tymers proved to be so-so rappers on How You Luv That?, often overshadowed by their Hot Boy protégés. However, during the two-year interim leading up to I Got That Work, Williams and Fresh considerably improved as rappers. Here, they're as good as any of the Hot Boys, whether it be Lil WayneB.G.Turk, or Juvenile, and they certainly boast and brag better, whether about money-making ("10 Wayz," "We Hustle"), bling-blinging ("#1 Stunna," "Stuntastic"), women-mastering ("Snake," "Rocky"), or themselves ("Big Tymers," "Hard Life"). Moreover, the Big Tymers deliver a rambunctious club-banger with the album-opening "Get Your Roll On." Following this rowdy beginning, the album moves toward its other highlights -- "Nigga Couldn't Know," "#1 Stunna," and "No, No" -- before descending into guest-laden filler. As usual, Fresh's beats remain potent until the album's end, but the songwriting grows progressively less inventive, often seeming unlabored, as if the Big Tymers are content to ride out the remainder of their 18-track album after delivering the early-album highlights. Regardless of this common grievance, the Big Tymers impressively step up their game for I Got That Work and deliver enough highlights to surely please their fans.

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