April 18, 2022

Hugo Largo - Drum (1988)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Dream Pop
Label Number: 9 25768-2

© 1988 Opal/Warner Bros. Records
Fronted by one of the most intriguing voices in rock (and one of the least heard), Hugo Largo's debut EP, Drum, reissued as a full album a short while after the EP, is a mysterious blend of ambient acoustics and a New York art sensibility. Sparse, echo-laden instrumentation of bass, violin, and (despite what the press release says) some guitar and drums recall the work of the 4AD label and Roger Eno. Songs such as "Second Skin" and "Eskimo Song" highlight Mimi Goese's haunting, swooping vocals, at once ethereal and then diving down into a dark pit enclosed by clenched teeth. The altogether pleasantness of the instrumentation only serves to contrast Goese's talent even more. The beautiful cover of the Kinks' "Fancy" shows how easily Hugo Largo could have made any song their own.

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