April 26, 2022

Kirk - Makin' Moves (1994)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Hip-Hop
Style: Hardcore Hip-Hop
Label Number: 82601-2

© 1994 Atlantic/Third Stone Records
If you consider yourself a major expert on hip-hop but have never heard of Kirk, don't be surprised. The little known hardcore rapper recorded only one album, Makin' Moves, for Atlantic, and it didn't get very much attention outside of New York. The album's lack of commercial success was hardly a tragedy, for Makin' Moves is quite forgettable. The New Yorker has strong rapping skills, and there's no question that he has a lot of technique. But technique is about the only thing Makin' Moves has going for it. Kirk spends the entire album doing nothing but boasting about his rhyming skills and complaining about "sucker MCs, " and his lyrics are as routine and run-of-the-mill as the tracks. Kirk claimed KRS-One as one of his primary influences, but this generic, predictable release isn't even a fraction as creative as any of KRS' work. Makin' Moves is an album to pass on.

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