March 02, 2022

Geto Boys - Greatest Hits (2002)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Hip-Hop
Style: Gangsta Rap
Label Number: 034744-2007 2 3

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This is a second and more inclusive package of the Geto Boys' best moments. The first, Uncut Dope, covered the group through 1991's We Can't Be Stopped; this opens it up to include tracks from 1993's Till Death Do Us Part, 1996's Resurrection, and 1998's Da Good da Bad & da Ugly. Those three albums were more patchy than the ones that came before them -- with the exception of Making Trouble -- and none of the highlights from them are of the caliber of earlier tracks like "Mind of a Lunatic," "My Mind Playing Tricks on Me," and "Trigga Happy Nigga." So, going strictly by pound-for-pound quality, Uncut Dope is the better of the two, but it's not as if later tracks like "Six Feet Deep," "The World Is a Geto," and "Gangsta (Put Me Down)" are entirely undeserving of anthology status. Furthermore, this disc has five more tracks and has better sound quality -- naturally so since it was released ten years after Uncut Dope. Choosing where to go first with this group is a tough call: The Geto Boys is the group's best album, but going with that leaves one without some of the group's best material. And neither Uncut Dope nor Greatest Hits are clear-cut first stops. Regardless of the choice, some of the most brutally descriptive and alternately funny Southern hip-hop is in well-stocked supply.

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