March 24, 2022

Control Machete - Uno, Dos: Bandera (2003)

*Versión de EE. UU.
Contiene 13 pistas en total.
(U.S. pressing. Contains 13 tracks total.)
Country: Mexico
Language: Spanish (Español)
Genre: Hip-Hop
Label Number: B0001452-02

© 2003 Universal Music Latino
The ability to make digital music sound organic and dirty is a talent, one that Control Machete bandmates Patricio Ch. Elizalde and Toy Hernández (plus longtime producer Jason Roberts) understand intuitively. The band's third full album (not counting the compilation-heavy Solo Para Fanaticos) is most notable for the departure of leading voice Fermin IV, a loss nearly equal to Ice Cube leaving N.W.A. Fortunately for Latin rap fans, Uno, Dos: Bandera is also notable for the remaining members' ability to modify their sound and continue as a compelling group, making most fans hardly regret at all the departure of Fermin IV. Elizalde wields his voice like a weapon, spraying listeners with dense syllables and a sneering delivery, constructing choruses out of just a few repetitive effects. These dark productions -- most constructed in the group's Silverlake studios -- may have only a few hooks to drive them, but thanks to Elizalde and Roberts, there are usually innumerable elements going on in the background to keep things interesting. "En el Camino" featuring los Caballeros del Plan G y Sekreto proves that Control Machete haven't forgotten how to construct a tough track along the lines of classic Mexican rap. The auditory equivalent to contemporary Mexican masterworks in the film world like Amores Perros and Y Tu Mamá También (no surprise that the group contributed a song to the former).

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