March 31, 2022

Little River Band - The Net (1983)

*Reissued by Capitol Records on an unknown date. 
This is a repress of the original 1983 LP release. 
Contains 10 tracks total.

Country: Australia
Genre: Pop Rock
Label Number: CDP 538-7918792

© 1983 Capitol/EMI Records
1983's The Net saw fellow Australian John Farnham replacing Glenn Shorrock on vocals on the first of three albums before Shorrock's return. The Net marked the group's last two Top 40 singles, the first with "We Two" hitting number 22 and the second with "You're Driving Me out of My Mind," that peaked at number 35 three months later. The latter was heightened by some exuberant horn induction that led to it's dashing, jazzy feel, while the former was more akin to the Little River Band's late-'70s/early-'80s sound. But even with these singles, The Net failed to capture the same success they experienced with Shorrock at the helm. The same type of soft rock fluidity and laid-back charm has been replaced with a sound that seems forced and somewhat strained on this album. The blame can't be put completely on Farnham, though, as the market seemed to be changing in the early part of the decade, slowly shying away from the lucid, relaxed feel of LRB's style of music ever so slightly. Actually, Farnham puts some inspired effort into his singing, witnessed on tracks like "Mr. Socialite" and "Down on the Border." Suffering from a pop formula that seems a little too contrived for LRB, this album, along with 1985's Playing to Win and '86's No Reins, are the band's weakest efforts.

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