July 03, 2020

Plexi - Cheer Up (1995) ☠

*A photo of the disc is included in the RAR file.
Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Post Grunge
Label Number: 360-2
☠: Selected by Lass
© 1995 Lava, Atlantic, Sub Pop
AllMusic Review by Evan Cater
Plexi's debut is a ragged, noisy affair characterized by revved-up electric guitars, whiney vocals, and lyrics with an acidic bite. But this is artfully crafted noise, with memorable hooks planted subversively amid the electronic chaos. The chaos, too, is artfully constructed, alternating between an unsophisticated and uninhibited roar and ambient reserve. It also balances the caustic lyrics with healthy doses of irony and wit. The title of the album provides an example; Cheer Up seems an intentionally inappropriate summary of the record's angsty contents. The opening "Forest Ranger" is similarly winking, with lead vocalist Michael Angelos claiming that he, like Salman Rushdie, Che Gueverra, Huey Newton, and Phyllis Diller, is a "forest ranger." No definition is provided for that designation. The instrumentation has a creative diversity, spicing up the foundational guitars, drums, and bass with cello (on "Ordinary Things" and "Star Star"), keyboards, and toy spacegun noises. The clash between the prettiness of the melodies and the ruggedness of the arrangements creates an engaging tension throughout, and it is a difficult balance to maintain. A little too much noise and the music's superficiality begins to show. A little too much pop and the listener begins to question the sincerity of Plexi's hard rock facade.

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  1. thank you lass! I use to own this one but had to throw it out as it was scratched to death :( awesome pick!


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