July 10, 2020

Dying Fetus - Destroy The Opposition (2000)

*U.S. first pressing. 
Contains 8 tracks total.
Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Death Metal
Style: Technical Death Metal
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© 2000 Relapse Records
Reviewed by "Tony" for Metal Reviews.com
A week ago, my Mom’s boyfriend (who is immersed in a massive electronics contract revamping the NYPD headquarters) asked me if I have heard of Dying Fetus. My head popped up from my breakfast and I excitedly replied “of course!” and asked why. It turns out that their outstanding drummer, Trey Williams, also works in electronics, and is partnering up for a bit of work on the project. I have been on a slight Death Metal kick, much to the vexation of my new girlfriend. What better way to continue the Death Metal mood with one of the best albums from one of the most skilled bands in the genre. Destroy the Opposition is one of my go to Death Metal albums. It might not even make my top ten in the genre, but something about the wizardry on the strings, the insane leads, the rapid and technical drumming, and the alternating vocals makes for a very entertaining release. Once again, like Grotesque Impalement, the album fronts the second offering with a title track. And also like Grotesque Impalement, the title track here on Destroy the Opposition is a scorching and violent track. There are excellent leads along with the great bass line that incredibly, often follows the guitars along with leads. This song is actually one of the least diverse of the album. Praise the Lord (Opiate of the Masses) bears a significantly wider array of work, but Destroy the Opposition comes through where other Dying Fetus tracks might fall short. The brutality is technical enough to warrant it a great Dying Fetus track, yet it pushes through with the muscle required to keep Death Metal the heaviest genre in all of Heavy Metal. The distortion on the guitar during lower end riffs such as the first one on Epidemic of Hate nearly resembles Slam with less detuned strings. This song mostly bears a mid paced and groove oriented theme which works in many ways with guitar sound, yet the vocals are too dominant of an entity on this song. If more instrumentation before the solo was employed at the forefront (meaning riffs) the song would be a more reputable offering. Later on, blast beats explode onto the scene with speedy vocal lines which work better with the cacophony of speed versus the mid paced introduction.
Pissing in the Mainstream is a hot headed, less than two minute blasting assault on the multimedia and mainstream Hollywood industry. Evidently, the members of Dying Fetus despise Hollywood as much as I do. There is some lighting fast double bass here, though obviously triggered; the sound still bears an organic feel due to the quality of the drummer. This is actually one of the only albums where I like the bass drum at the level it is, and do not want to jack it up to Litany level. The last remaining good track on Destroy the Opposition is actually a great one. Justifiable Homicide bears the chunky groove in some riffs, and in others the lightning leads that make Jon Gallagher and company such a well known name in Tech-Death. Overall, the album is in the top of Dying Fetus’ pantheon, and it achieves so much for what it is. If this album was fresh to me I may have given it a higher score, but after regular spins for a decade, it has grown somewhat stale. If Dying Fetus is your cup of tea, then feel more than free to add 5-8 pts to the score, if it still bears its freshness in your mind.

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