July 25, 2020

Agathocles - Thanks For Your Hostility (1996)

*First pressing on CD. 
Contains 27 tracks total. 
This album was originally released in 1996 on LP.
Country: Belgium
Language: English
Genre: Grindcore
Label Number: CD/MR 032

© 1996-1997 Morbid Records
Review by Adrian Bromley for Chronicles of Chaos.com
European grindcore pursuers Agathocles' fourth album, _Thanks for the Hostility_, is a bludgeoning onslaught of noise and mayhem all packaged into one album of twenty-seven tracks. That doesn't mean it is worth a listen either. Problems arise quite rapidly with this collection of material, with an abundance of groans and moans, sarcastic band's lyrics and a sloppy direction (not to mention recording) of material. Lacking any kind of formula or even initiative to get any kind of momentum going, Agathocles' latest noisefest turns into a pile of garbage three songs in. I'm staying clear of this one. 

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