July 05, 2020

Deranged - III (2000)

Country: Sweden
Language: English
Genre: Death Metal
Style: Brutal Death Metal
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Review by David Rocher for Chronicles of Chaos.com
Powerful, murderously groovy, of mangling intensity and devastating violence: within a few seconds into "Ripped Raped Randomized", the Swedish goremasters' third killing spree will have overwhelmed listeners falling vanquished to their knees before its gut-churning, grinding riffing, blasting, unrelenting skin-pounding and throat-mangling grunts. With nearly 45 minutes of ruthlessly fast musical extremity mercilessly welding itself into your flesh with insane breakneck velocity and a hefty dose of distressing aggression, the most striking feature of _III_ is the literally beastly, mean death metal deity it embodies. However, far from the rather confused chaotic dirges of _Rated X_, this grating bastard doesn't even suffer from the lack of pinpoint precision that so many high-speed death metal releases display -- Deranged's musicianship is razor-sharp, and the thirteen furious metal blast sessions composing _III_ (minus the wittingly tasteless sample-ridden industrial interlude title track) click into place with, I assume, the same apparent neat cracking feel produced by snapping cervical vertebrae. The massive production fits this brute better than a pair of tailored baby-skin slippers would -- from the roaring rhythmic department to the hideously organic-sounding vocal grunts, right across to the amazing, bludgeoning metronome drum work and guttural guitars, all instruments are clearly audible, yet merge together to create a circumstantially suitably malformed monstrosity of sound that is guaranteed to leave your ears bleeding by the time the closing track "Razor (rection)" fades back into nothingness. Call yourself hard? _III_ will take sadistic pleasure in proving you just how wrong you are! 

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