July 05, 2020

Rockbitch - Motor Driven Bimbo (1999)

Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Heavy Metal, Industrial Metal
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AllMusic Review by Gary Hill
Looking at the background of RockBitch, it is quite easy to see them as a gimmick band of the highest order. Indeed, they are a group who is all female (the sole male on this disc has since gone from guitarist to manager) and perform often in the nude. Add to that the fact that they routinely enact real sex acts on stage with each other (and sometimes members of the audience). Certainly the gimmick image would spring to mind. However, this image and the accompanying sexual behavior are really manifestations of their political/social agenda and belief system. The group is a firm believer in sexual liberation for all people, but particularly women. They are part of a matriarchal, communal, pagan society that puts these beliefs to the practice in their everyday life. This fact is important to know when listening to the disc because it is a central core to the lyrical themes and flavors present. Upon listening to the CD, the image of a group of untalented people using sex as a gimmick to sell product is further shattered. The musicians here (Julie, Babe, the Bitch, Nikki, Epone, Luci, and the Beast) are all very talented. The music is well-written, performed, and conceived. Although some of it is far left of center, much of this material is quite accessible, and it is definitely a very listenable CD. The musical range on this disc also shows them heads above many of the other hard rock bands. You can draw comparisons to Faith No More, but other more diverse sounds (most notably No Doubt) come to mind as well. RockBitch, consider them rebels, perverts, freaks, goddesses, or whatever, but definitely give them a chance. You might be surprised at what you find.

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