July 20, 2020

Tankard - Two-Faced (1994)

*First pressing. 
Contains 12 tracks total.
Country: Germany
Language: English
Genre: Thrash Metal
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© 1994 Noise International
Review by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein for Metal-Temple.com
As the 90s dashed forward towards its middle, Metal in general appeared to have lost some its essence, and Thrash Metal in particular. Bands in Germany, such as KREATOR for instance, started employing elements of Electro, almost industrial like, into their music. Legacies reshaping in order to become one with the time period. However, and it started earlier in their previous album “Stone Cold Sober”, country peers TANKARD made everything possible in order to keep themselves out of harm’s way, out of the general public demand, staying strong in their musical belief and vision. Two years passed after “Stone Cold Sober” and the Frankfurters released their sixth album, “Two-Faced”. Noise Records remastered the release and reissued it along with enticing live moments, commemorating 80s classics.

Even without looking deep into “Two-Faced”, it will be quite noticeable that something did change in the TANKARD perception. However, it wasn’t really musically related, as their consistent approach regarding their music remained rock solid. Throughout their career, TANKARD has been identified as an alcohol related Metal, singing and praising endlessly the bitter liquid. With “Two-Faced”, the band appeared to confront the fact that this is who they are, drunken Metal of sorts. Therefore, the songs’ themes are not even slightly close to the alcohol and its relatives. Quite surprising, yet I believe it was a bold move towards maturity. The social decay took over in a blitz throughout the tracklist, proving that TANKARD made it possible to get to know a different side of their act.

Musically, TANKARD sustained the Thrash Metal input as displayed on “Stone Cold Sober”, head on Thrash with bits of their early Hardcore and Punk attributes. Other than Gerre’s impressive attempts at singing the songs, instead of the high pitched shouts, melody remained somewhere outside the barrage of riffing from the axemen. TANKARD’s steady Metal determination resulted in some quality tunes as “Cyberworld”, “Nation Over Nation”, “Up From Zero” and “Cities In Flames”, inspiring with high octane energies and conviction. Nonetheless, when “Days Of The Gun” started playing, something awkward struck. The reasons that for me it is the best song of the album was due to the overall quality, which showcased a well written song, shaping a side of the band that I never thought conceivable, and second, I think it was the first time that TANKARD employed Hard Rock into their midst. Simply uncanny effort by the Germans. After the previous album’s “Friebier”, it seemed only logical to come up with another German sung track, “Ich Brauch Meinen Suff”. Covering a Punk band named STRASSENJUNGS ended up as a good idea, with TANKARD making the crossover complete and adequate.

As a custom by these remastered versions, another show of TANKARD’s stage presence in several live classics in their home country. Come to think of it, it is probably the same show as on the last two albums, but different songs. Who cares, the driving force is in all of them, especially on “Chemical Invasion”. Furthermore, Gerre’s interview regarding this era of the band answered a lot of questions that came to mind while listening.

It was my first time ever listening to “Two-Faced”. After listening, and reviewing, the previous TANKARD discography, I must say that even though different in lyricism, it felt natural, skillfully written. “Stone Cold Sober” is a fine competitor for this one, yet not as powerful as “The Meaning Of Life”.  Nevertheless, it is an album to dwell in.

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