July 20, 2020

Tankard - Stone Cold Sober (1992)

*First pressing. 
Contains 12 tracks total.
Country: Germany
Language: English
Genre: Thrash Metal
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© 1992 Noise International
Review by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein for Metal-Temple.com
Times were changing, a fallout in the world of Metal music as the strong reflections of the rising of Grunge and Alternative Rock began eating away the influence that heavy music once retained in the golden era of the 80s. Metal bands began soul searching, experimenting in other fields of Rock in order to catch the new tide. The Frankfurt Thrashers, TANKARD, didn’t seem to be overly impressed of what has been engulfing their world, and as a countermeasure instead of going with the herd, they marched on backwards, to their vigorous early days. Remastered and reissued by the revamped Noise Records, the originally released in 1992 “Stone Cold Sober”, unraveled TANKARD’s struggle in Thrash Metal and their methods of how to keep the old flame burning by their command.

Compared to the sort of complexity instituted marvelously on their previous “The Meaning Of Life”, TANKARD appeared to have decided that brute force would answer the weird stuff going on around them. Therefore, turning back to the inner essences of albums such as “Zombie Attack” and “Chemical Invasion”, TANKARD reaffirmed the power of Hardcore / Punk within their Teutonic Thrash Metal religion, yet, they also put the pedal to the Metal on their Thrash elements, instigating examples of ferocity and speed that are simply neck breaking. Such aspects of the songwriting such as melodies and catchiness, gave a bit of way to primitive styled riffery and utter rawness, a sort of an uncontrolled desire to break things up, in a simpler meaning, moshing the place up. Though I liked their “The Meaning Of Life” virtues towards music, I was easily swallowed by their newfound mania. Honestly, I admire them for that, fighting for others to preserve a direction that has been dear and with a huge place in an artist’s heart.

For every artist there is a first time for everything, and for TANKARD it was with the instrumental lengthy epos, “Of Strange Talking People Under Arabian Skies”. The title really did it for the tune, kind of hard to understand the relation, but I guess that the Germans have their own special meaning to it. Musically, there are various sides of TANKARD that weren’t known right until a first listen. In overall, it was thrilling to know that they had the abilities to write such instrumentals. “Freibier” presents the heavy loosen up attitude of the mid 80s, sung in German, as the title suggests, a token towards Punk while chewing up on the Metal with great riffs. “Stone Cold Sober” is merciless, a Speed / Thrash Metal onslaught, TANKARD took no prisoners and showed everyone that Thrash Metal is alive and well. Truly one of the album’s most memorable songs. “Jurisdiction” portrays the anarchistic attitude, highly judgmental regarding the states of power, violently obliterating with a shrewd opener that let the band’s doctrine sink in deep fast. The cover of the Popish “Centerfold” for J. GELIS BAND was rightfully added, especially in a record where TANKARD came to tear up the place, a bit of fun is never a bad thing. No doubt it is a well done execution. Others recommended: “Lost And Found (Tantrum Part 2)”, “Sleeping With The Past” and “Blood, Guts And Rock N’Roll”.

Similar to previous releases, there is always a live show of force within a remastered copy. Delivering the goods with iconic tracks out of “Alien”, “The Morning After” and “Chemical Invasion”, once again TANKARD showcased strong posture as they performed against their local audience. Also enclosed in the booklet is a variety of photos, some which were never released along with Gerre’s input surrounding the album’s period.

Though a slight step backwards from “The Meaning Of Life”, the never sober “Stone Cold Sober” is fist of Metal, straightforward and right into the back of your neck. TANKARD might have gone back into humor, funny stuff but they still showed their Metal side with enough criticism for a lifetime.

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