July 22, 2020

Psycroptic - Symbols of Failure (2006)

Country: Australia
Genre: Death Metal
Style: Technical Death Metal
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© 2006 Neurotic/Stomp Entertainment
Review by "Alex" for Metal Injection.net
The latest from this Australian-based outfit has a huge effort to follow up after 2003's "Sceptor of The Ancients". Psycroptic play a unique brand of technical death metal, not unique in it's use of bizarre instruments or integration with other types of music, but because the way the riffs are written. They are still metal as can be, and still able to be called riffs, but they are incredibly technical without sounding "wanky". There are no sections of extended arpeggios, no huge sections of dualing guitars, no spazzy odd time signatures are found on this record, nothing but technical riffs, solid and innovative drumming, and various assortments of brutal vocals. "Symbols of Failure" is probably one of the few albums out this year that has a chance of changing the shape of death metal. While everything is either turning into an album with non-stop double bass and loads of blasting, a sewer pipe emission festival or an attempt to be an older band (Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Dismember), Psycroptic have carved out something unique that's far and away from being pretentious. Each one of the members have a very distinct style and work well together. Everyone in this band shows a flawless command of the instrument, the riffs are all over the fretboard, the command of the kit is astounding, and the vocals vary accordingly. The members of Psycroptic are very used to their impressive skills to be sure, as they do not unncessarily show them off once on the entire album. I will say though, that I do prefer the old vocals of "Chalky" to the newer ones, but it isn't a big deal because Chalky is easily one of the best death metal vocalists ever (I'd venture to say the best), so I won't hold it against the new vocalist Jason because he does an awesome job. Although the upper as well as the lower registers of the strings are used, the rhythms are varied and distinct, the vocals are all over the place, double bass and blast beats are used with good taste, make no mistake, this album is intense all the way through. I don't even understand how they can even make it through some of these songs at the pace they play and go through so many parts and use absolutely all parts of their instruments. The recording of this album is a feat on many levels.

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