July 25, 2020

Agathocles - Humarrogance (1997)

*First pressing. 
Contains 20 tracks total.
Country: Belgium
Language: English
Genre: Grindcore
Label Number: MR 037 CD

© 1997 Morbid Records
Reviewed by Sea of Tranquilty.org
Here's the one-sentence distillation of what you're about to read: Humarrogance does not disappoint. For those who like a little more detail in their editorials, read on. These Belgian grind-core thrashers are perhaps the best thing to come along since Napalm Death. While not exactly breaking new ground, they are adept at what they do.
Perhaps the best feature of Agathocles' music is the complete lack of formulaic style. This, combined with the short songs--twenty are packed onto the 38-minute disc--kept me absorbed throughout the length of the album. From the jazzy "White Horse" to the brutal "Because," the mixture of styles eliminates the predictability present in, say, Suffocation or Cannibal Corpse. After listening to Humarrogance a half dozen times I still can't remember what I'm going to hear next. And they may have even described a new musical subcategory with "Mince-core."
Agathocles keep everything short and to the point, without epic instrumental solos or other needless frills. Their riffs stand out prominently, not distorted into an undefined haze or mixed into the backgound, and are very catchy. As can be deduced from the title, many of the songs ("Model Citizen", "Culture of Degradation", etc.) deal with "social issues," but don't let that scare you away. The lyrics are unintelligible for the most part.
Agathocles perform intelligent and ruthless metal that sounds good every time I hear it.

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