November 19, 2023

Crusaders For Real Hip-Hop - Déjà Vu - It's '82 (1992)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Hip-Hop
Label Number: PCD-1428

© 1992 Profile Records
The title Deja Vu, It's '82 implies that this CD is an exercise in hip-hop nostalgia; that in 1992, the interracial rap group was nostalgic for the hip-hop of the early '80s. But truth be told, Deja Vu, It's '82 isn't nearly as retro as its name implies. Producer Tony D is hardly oblivious to the hip-hop production styles of the early '90s, and his extensive use of samples will prevent anyone from mistaking this album for a 1982 recording. Further, the rapping of group members Don Nots, Rahzii and Mr. Law is quite mindful of early-'90s rapping styles and will not be mistaken for the early-'80s rapping of Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde, the Treacherous Three, or Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five. The pro-marijuana anthem "Higher" owes a creative debt to Cypress Hill, although Crusaders for Real Hip-Hop are far from gangsta rap; the thing they get from Cypress is an appreciation of marijuana, not a knack for violent lyrics. Most of their lyrics are standard New York boasting fare, and like so many East Coast MCs of the early '90s, the Crusaders make a point of emphasizing their flows. Though tunes like "We Love the Hotties" and "That's How It Is" aren't brilliant or distinctive, they're catchy, likable items that make ample use of the MCs' strong techniques. This decent, if unremarkable, CD wasn't a big seller, and it turned out to be the little known group's only album for Profile.

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