January 25, 2023

The Odd Couple - Alcohol/ism (2004)

Country: U.S.A. 
Genre: Hip-Hop 
Label Number: TEG-BRK 049 CD

© 2004 RCA 
On his first project since leaving the Demigodz, New York rapper Louis Logic teams with Jay Love to create an album-length ode to the joys of drinking. But neither P. Diddy teetotaling nor ODB staggering adequately describes this album. In fact, despite song titles like "Double Fisted" and "The Lounge," this is lightweight party-boy fare. Even when acting out smacking a bitch down on "Beat Your Ass" or the lead single, "Wreckyalife" (which borrows from A Tribe Called Quest) with producer J.J. Brown, these boys sound more like smack-talkers who mouth off about a lot more than they live. Brown and Avid Record Collector provide the beats, which rely on plenty of golden samples and boom-bap breaks for the pair to rhyme over. It's all very sophomoric, but not in a rambunctious Licensed to Ill way. Competent, but particularly in the case of Logic, he's capable of much better.

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