August 23, 2022

J. Holiday - Back of My Lac' (2007)

*A photo of the disc is included in the RAR file.

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: R&B
Label Number: 0946 3 11805 2 1

© 2007 Musicline/Capitol/EMI Records
You'd probably have to dump a bucket of ice on J. Holiday's head in order to see his eyelids open more than half way, at least going by the singer's photos and persistently slack delivery. He's always relaxed, even when he's decreeing the "Thug Commandments." It doesn't mean he's lacking passion. (He might even sound like Chris Brown if he wasn't high and/or intoxicated so frequently -- who knows?) Despite what it seems like on the surface, Holiday has the stoned but deep-feeling thing down pat, as indicated by "Bed," the gently rocking, unapologetically sleazy, and uniquely endearing single that became a number one R&B single just before the release of Back of My Lac'. Those who are hoping for the album to contain more of that sensitive thuggery delivered by a swaggering softie won't be let down, as most of the other songs revolve around seduction and heartache. Holiday also likes to sing about getting high and drunk, quite possibly far too much for those who don't indulge. While some of the come-ons are problematic as well -- he compliments a woman by comparing her body to that of a call girl -- there's enough sincere sweetness to lure a guarded heart. And it wouldn't hurt to have a thing for slight lisps.

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