April 13, 2022

June of 44 - In The Fishtank: E.P. (1999)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Math Rock
Label Number: fish6cd

© 1999 Konkurrent
June of 44's In the Fishtank session consists of six off-the-cuff songs, including the loosely linked "Pregenerate," "Generate," and "Degenerate," which share similarly off-kilter time signatures and alternately droning and skronky guitars. However, the gentle, luminous "Henry's Revenge" and the weirdly funky "Every Free Day a Good Day" are more direct and accessible on first listen. Though it does suffer from the self-indulgence inherent in this kind of project, In the Fishtank's vibrant, immediate performances keep the EP sounding fresh and worthwhile for fans.



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