April 11, 2022

Fischer‐Z - Going Deaf For a Living (1980) ☠

*First pressing. 
Contains 10 tracks total.
Country: United Kingdom
Genre: New Wave
Label Number: CDP 7 46685 2
☠: Selected by Lass
© 1980-1989 EMI Records
With guitar much more dominant and Watts' songwriting more refined, GDFAL was an incredibly exciting album. Moving away from their prog leanings and embracing bits of reggae, FZ had become a cohesive pop band capable of anything. Their hit single "So Long" had one of Watts' most heartfelt vocals, while the playful (and slightly irritating) "Limbo" proved that he wasn't always entirely serious. The band bounced off the walls on tracks like "Four Minutes In Durham (With You)" and "No Right," yet they remained perfectly in control. The album's title track remains one of Watts' most brilliant songs, catchier than a pitcher's glove (and "So Long" wasn't too bad either!). With hardly a bad song in the bunch, this is still one of FZ's most popular albums -- so much for the sophomore slump.

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