April 15, 2022

Eric Benét - Love & Life (2008)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: R&B
Label Number: 511399-2

© 2008 Reprise/Friday Records
Rebounding from the mess of his divorce from Halle Berry -- and the ensuing Hurricane of an album -- Eric Benet returns to what he does best on Love & Life: making music for love-making. Slow and sultry and steeped in StevieMarvinLuther, and especially Quincy Jones-produced Michael Jackson and Prince's forays into quiet storm, Love & Life is a consolidation of Benet's strengths as a seduction artist. Arriving after the turgid turmoil of Hurricane, this is frankly a relief, as Benet demonstrates a lighter touch throughout Love & Life, shedding any suggestion of personal revelation in favor of courting clichés without blushing. For some artists, this might sound like a retreat, but Benet delivers this slinky romantic music with conviction, as if he doesn't quite realize that what he's singing is essentially boudoir boilerplate. Such quiet determination turns Love & Life into effective mood music -- something that might fall apart under close listening, but it was never intended for such scrutiny anyway.

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