December 17, 2023

Bill Nelson - The Love That Whirls (Diary of a Thinking Heart) (1982)

*U.K. first pressing. 
Contains 14 tracks total. 
A photo of the disc is included in the RAR file.

Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Synth Pop
Label Number: JC CD 16

© 1982-1986 Cocteau Records
It's possible to find through-lines of the new romantic strain of pop throughout this Bill Nelson release, with washes of synthesizer and dance-of-electrocution rhythms going on all over the place, but the true fascination is the mix of a post-ironic tone and a cultured sensitivity to art and beauty. While Nelson puts his guitar chops on display periodically through the album (much of it with E-bow in hand), this is far from being a guitar album -- all of the disparate elements are too well-integrated for any to assume a point of focus. There is a sweetness and a lightness to a great deal of the work Nelson put into this album, and this makes it infinitely listenable. In some respects, this is also a record that will teach listeners everything they need to know about Bill Nelson -- it touches on all aspects of what he does.

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