September 06, 2021

Twin Atlantic - Vivarium (2009)

Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Punk Rock
Style: Pop Punk
Label Number: RBR1013
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AllMusic Review by Gregory Heaney
If the current generation of emo bands has done anything to improve upon the sonic foundation laid down by its forefathers, it's the addition of the hook. Like the opposable thumb, the hook has been the component necessary to help the latest crop of emotionally charged rock bands elevate itself from the obscurity of the 7" bin to the mainstream. On their debut album, Vivarium, Glasgow's Twin Atlantic continue the musical legacy left behind by Texas Is the Reason and Sunny Day Real Estate, keeping all the drive and emotion while reining in the sprawling lyrics with a tighter pop structure. While this is hardly a bold new take on the genre, with the ground already well traveled by Fall Out Boy and Say Anything, Twin Atlantic do manage to make themselves more interesting musically. Keeping the music restrained and angular, they create a sense of urgency, giving the more free-flowing moments greater impact, making the times that the band cuts loose feel more powerful. "Audience and Audio" and "Old Grey Face" play red light/green light with the listener, providing just enough to settle into one groove before changing gears, allowing the songs to quickly work themselves up into a fury. On "Better Weather," Twin Atlantic show that they aren't afraid to go for the slow burn. Filled with atmospheric layers of guitar and strings, the band goes out on a contemplative note with an excursion into post-rock territory. Whatever the music is doing, it's Sam McTrusty's vocals that bring the whole thing together. Soaring high in the mix, McTrusty's Scottish brogue delivers that vital lyrical hook, inviting you to come in, take off your coat, and sing along to a few. Like the title suggests, it's a very controlled environment, but one that's full of life nonetheless. While Vivarium is hardly a revelatory album, it's certainly a catchy one. If you've been hunting for an edgier version of the Matches or a more serious Say Anything, Twin Atlantic have what you're looking for.

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