September 07, 2021

Cha Cha - Dear Diary (1999)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Hip-Hop
Style: Pop Rap
Label Number: EK 69694

© 1999 Epic Records
Cha Cha may be 18, but she is not innocent. Frequently referring to herself as a "broad, " the rapper fills her rhymes with the usual boasting and belligerence during the first half of her debut album, then, about halfway through, perhaps inspired by such guest rappers as Trick Daddy, Juvenile, Jim Crow, Ja Rule, Memphis Bleek, Bareda, and Black Child, takes a left turn into gangsta style. At that point, the obscenities start to fly as fast as the rhymes and the bullets. "Set It Off," an account of an armed robbery, even ends with Cha Cha dead of a gunshot wound. Amazingly, the album does not have a parental advisory notice.

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