May 27, 2024

Corey Hart - Bang! (1990)

Country: Canada
Language: English
Genre: Pop, Pop Rock
Label Number: CDP-7-92513-2

© 1990 EMI USA
This 1990 bid for chart-faring hits definitely strives for success, and at times it succeeds. The patented Corey Hart vocals are here, along with catchy material on such fare as "Bang! (Starting Over)" and "A Little Love," with a chorus that will soon have you singing, "a little love will make your heart go bang-bang." Any number of these songs should've done well on Top 40 radio in 1990, but, alas, not even one made a bump on the U.S. charts. Hart works a soulful sound onto "Rain on Me," gets sensual with "Slowburn," and unknowingly creates a sultry homoerotic pleaser on "Diamond Cowboy," complete with an ailing harmonica solo. Much like when John Mellencamp poked fun at himself with "Pop Singer," Hart plays the same hand with "Icon," singing, "I love to be an icon, super strong, obnoxious little moron," with more than a hint of a wink. Often written off as hack product, it's obvious that Hart is sincere even when creating the lighter-flickering concert song "Chase the Sun," but he should have avoided letting "Can't Stand Losin' You" and "Kisses on the Train" be included on this release. The closer and ultimate letdown, "Ballade for Nien Cheng," where Hart lets his politics speak, just doesn't fit. While this isn't an essential release, fans of Hart will enjoy this as an occasional listen.

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