April 18, 2024

Cuban Link - 24K (2000)

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Originally slated for a 2000 release but was shelved. 
This pressing contains 24 tracks.
Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Hip-Hop
Style: Pop Rap, Gangsta Rap
Label Number: None

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With Big Pun's unfortunate passing, Cuban Link's debut, 24-K, shoulders a considerable burden, as it will play a major role in determining how future Terror Squad endeavors unfold. Dependant upon its level of success, Link's solo-bow will either lead to a renewed anticipation in the Latino based crew or a retreated interest; the enigmatic album does a little of both. As expected, the commercial formula that came so easily to the charismatic Pun is emulated here, as Link's infectiously naughty "Project Party," featuring Sunkiss, and the sweat-inducing drum patterns of the Neptune produced "Still Telling Lies" beg for heavy rotation. While a slew of less redeeming crossover reaches exemplify the carefree existence Link frequently portrays. Frivolous collaborations of this sort stand in stark contrast to the depth he exudes on touching odes to his mom ("Hey Mama"), and Pun ("Flowers for the Dead"). On "90 Miles and Running" he laments "don't let the pretty face fool ya" and, true to his words, the fortunes of 24-K evolves dramatically when Link places a premium on the facets he is most adept in; taking it to the streets. A more focused artist surfaces on "Murda Murda," which features Ja Rule, and the high-impact "Men of Business," with Noreaga, Kool G. Rap, Lord Tarik, and M.O.P. Yet, the LP's most essential cuts are highlighted by the obvious chemistry between Link and his T-Squad brethren; Fat Joe on the paranoid "Why Me" and a posthumous appearance from Pun on "Toe to Toe," where both MCs trade powerful verses over the Roots' "Clones" and Mobb Deep's "G.O.D. Pt 3." 24-K is a diverse debut, but it is one that settles, rather then stirs. Clocking in at a laborious 73 minutes, this longwinded effort, much like Link himself, harbors over-ambitious tendencies, as the artist's appeasing nature prevents 24-K from achieving a lasting identity.
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