December 22, 2021

J‐Live - All of The Above (2002)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Hip-Hop
Label Number: CDE 0001

© 2002 Coup d'État
East Coast underground rap at its finest, All of the Above showcases why J-Live is so beloved by fans of literate, well-mannered hip-hop. The focus here is on lyrics, through and through, and J-Live indeed serves up a linguistic feast for astute listeners. The pretensions of All of the Above -- from its Coltrane-esque cover art, to J-Live's disdain for commercial-minded rappers, to his thoughtful liner notes -- might turn off some listeners, particularly those less discerning ones who don't share his high-mindedness. But that's why All of the Above is an underground release: it's an album for a select audience that prefers intellect and understated beats over bombast, boasting, booty, and bluntedness.

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