December 14, 2021

Aesop Rock - Float (2000)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Hip-Hop
Label Number: MH-202

© 2000 Mush
Words to describe this work would be: surprising, analytical, darkness, mystery, lyricism, and jealous. Jealous because it's likely that every person who has ever tried to rap would wish he could rhyme like this guy, and every poet would wish to dream with such imagery. If you're into bootyshakin' and dancing, and that's the reason you listen to hip-hop, do not buy this album. But if you like hip-hop for rhymes that make you think, this guy just can't be slept on. For example, "6B Panorama" discusses the view from his NYC apartment and starts like this: "I was sitting on my fire escape and I saaaaaaw...Sturdy bridges, decorated with dirty pigeons, a vagabond beggin' for three pennies and a princess, a junky tourniquet surgeon urgin' the needle in, a batty senior citizen flashin' that awful teethless grin." Artists such as Aesop Rock paint intricate abstract pictures with their music, and it's simply too much information to handle in a single sitting. This album is so complex that it may never be fully comprehended by the listener, but you may find yourself walking along listening one day and finally figure out one of the metaphors -- a great feeling. This is one of a few albums definitely worth any import pricing. One more quote: "(I see) a challenge, a chance to add real colors to my favorite palette, raise my mighty mallet towards the gods and swing my talents!"

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