May 04, 2021

KRS-One - Keep Right (2004)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Hip-Hop
Style: Conscious Rap
Label Number: GRI 006-2 

© 2004 Grit Records
For some people, the number 13 might be unlucky. But not in this situation, as Keep Right is easily one of KRS-One's strongest efforts in recent years. Returning to the production values and lyrical philosophies that put him in the forefront of hip-hop, Keep Right far and away surpasses his recent solo endeavors and shows him in top fighting form, which is no faint praise considering the company he's had to keep for the past decade. However, as the record progresses, the preaching grows a bit tiresome and the skits a bit excessive, even if you happen to agree with KRS and special guest star Afrika Bambaataa. The tunes are bit lengthy and could have been edited down, and the cohesion that binds the record together in its early portions shows signs of wear. But even on his worst day, KRS can still defeat most lyricists at their best. And while most die-hard hip-hop heads might find Keep Right disappointing, those with a passing or casual interest in hip-hop will find it an enjoyable listen.

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