May 04, 2021

Nelson - Because They Can (1995) ☠

*U.S. first pressing. 
Contains 13 tracks total. 
A photo of the disc is included in the RAR file.
Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Pop Rock
Label Number: DGCD-24525
☠: Selected by Lass
© 1995 Geffen Records
"I'll be your friend when you need one to turn to
Just call out my name and I'll always be there
Wherever you go just remember I love you
Whenever you start to feel the pain
I'm only a moment away"

One Word Review: Harmonious

"Because They Can" is the Nelson brothers' second album and my favorite. It is a melodic rock gem that successfully overflows with melody and passion. These songs wear their heart on their sleeves and combined with the soft, half-acoustic approach they hit just the right tone. The production gives the album special warmth and besides the usual arsenal, instruments like mandolin, harmonium and hammond organ just to name a few, add further nuances to the atmosphere. The bass playing on the album also needs a special mention. It is splendid.

Lead singers Gunnar and Matthew Nelson both have smooth voices that are easy on the ears. Together they create some amazing harmonies and this element is a definite highlight of the album. Gunnar sings lead on most songs but on a song like Love me today Matthew's more fragile voice really brings out the emotion.

Aside from a couple of acoustic instrumental interludes the album is chock-full of instantly captivating but long lasting melodic rock songs. The vocals carry the songs while the instruments enhance them in a special way. The melodies are really brought to life in these surroundings. It is hard to describe, but this is one of those albums that feels timeless.

The song quality is extremely high throughout but Five o'clock plane is an album highlight. From the way the song opens by finger-picking the main melody, through the smart lyrics and a chorus that is impossible to ignore, the song gets everything right.

Memorable songs are only a moment away and every single song has something to offer. Only Be Still doesn't work and feels drawn out in the end. A strong bridge section is not enough to save the song.

A couple of wonderful ballads also inhabit the album. Opening with the words "It's a good day for a sad song" the mood is set quickly for Cross my broken heart, a song that lives up to its title. Love Me Today is just as striking. As I mentioned earlier, Matthew's voice has a special fragile edge that suits the song.

Besides that you should prepare to be swept away by the fantastic opening to Only a moment away and take the journey through Peace on Earth as it rises towards its third and final chorus and successfully reaches its end.

Nobody wins in the end is the perfect album closer. With a huge, sweeping melody it resembles more of a musical piece than just a song. Halfway through it takes an unexpected turn into a Queen'esque landscape and just about twists through without hitting the rather large tree of derivation headfirst. The chorus is classic and one of those I will always remember fondly each time I hear it.

All in all a wonderful album, filled with love and affection for music.

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