January 12, 2024

ThemeAddict: WWE The Music, Vol. 6 (2004)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Theme Music, Heavy Metal, Hip-Hop, Alternative Rock
Label Number: CK 93572

© 2004 Columbia Records
Collecting the entrance themes of America's favorite wrestlers is nothing new, but Themeaddict: WWE the Music, Vol. 6 ups the ante with a slick bonus DVD. The DVD mirrors the CD when it comes to audio content, but the videos for each wrestler are well put together and inspired. More inspired than the music for sure, since Carlito Caribbean Cool's theme is one of the fakest tropical tunes on record, and the hip-hop here is anything but street. The remix of the Undertaker's theme, "The Darkest Side," is a moody triumph and Motörhead's "Line in the Sand" is the rocking highlight of the album, but if you've ever shelled out for one of the pay-per-view events, you know this stuff already. No matter how well constructed or inspired the songs are, fans are just going to pick their favorite wrestler's theme anyway. Themeaddict could be a cut-and-dry collection, but adding a DVD that's really worthwhile shows some admirable effort and appreciation of one of the loyalist fan bases in the world.

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